Social Geometry: Expanded Drawing Practices by Barbadian Artists

Last month, I was invited by curator Katherine Kennedy to participate in an art show at the Queen’s Park Gallery in Bridgetown. She specifically requested the then unnamed piece I had started during Punch In 2, an open studio residency held by Punch Creative Arena in 2018. What has now come to be known in its completion as “Surround Sounds” the video experiments with captured sound effects created with objects representative of the sound, memory and culture of the island. Juxtaposed with equally culturally relevant, yet mismatching animated images, it mirrors the cacophony of Caribbean life.

Upon further reflection of the theme of the show, I also suggested “It Poppin’ in de Van” and “ZR”, part of my Roots|Routes series which is full of animations, videos, drawings, installations and photography that celebrates the little things that define our journey as Caribbean people.

Opening night was a success and the show remains open until June 15th. You can pass by Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 6pm (closed 1:30 – 2:30 for lunch)

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